Website Statistics

Website Statistics

When your website is hosted it resides on a server. Most hosting facilities, be they Windows servers or Linux Cloud servers, come with a statistics package (this may have to be installed if you have your own dedicated server).

The meaning of typical statistics columns:

Number of visits: the number of internet users who visited the site in the period.

Unique visitors: The number of internet users who visited the site in the period, however if they visited the site twice or more times in the period then it is counted as one. The hole in the above is that “visitors” is down to an IP address and there may more than one user using the same computer connected to the internet. Not a big relevance.

Pages: How many page views were displayed in the period. One user may go to many pages. Where 1000 unique users looked at 7000 pages then on average each unique visitor has looked at 7 pages of the site. If 1000 unique visitors looked at 1000 pages then users are not finding the site very interesting because they are going elsewhere after seeing only one page.

Hits: Ignore this column. It is for technical use and analysis in terms of development. A “hit” is any file display and any one page may show many “hits”, one at least for each image displayed. People refer to hits on the site however in the true sense of “hits” it is irrelevant, it is the visits that is of significant – i.e. how many people are looking at the site and how many pages do they on average view.

Bandwidth: As is with Hits – largely irrelevant to sales and marketing. If it is unusually high it may mean that all images are not sized correctly so for example 15Mb image files are being uploaded but when viewed displayed they are relatively small and could be say 15Kb instead.

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