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Business Profit Improvement Service

Edge Impact Websites was formed in 2000 by our Managing Director, Ken Good, and offers clients flexible business solutions to achieve their commercial objectives including financial and productivity gains.

Consulting since 1989, the key employees of Edge Impact Websites develop distinctive web sites and bespoke software applications on the web to meet clients requirements.

We approach all design and development from a business perspective. We focus on how to present your company to give you the best impact in your chosen market. Some of the development issues we concern ourselves with are presentation, visual impact and ease of use for all solutions, and fast download and search engine considerations for web sites and web based applications.

The proof is our results for clients, their testimonials to the fact, and our ever growing client base.

If you are serious about your business and want a professional job done at reasonable prices then let us take care of your website requirements.

Your interests are our interests and we look forward to being of service to you.

What is Business Profit Improvement Services ?

Business Profit Improvement Services is also known as Business Trouble-shooting. It is providing consultancy on how to improve your business’s profitability. There is no more need of it than in a recession. What to do in the Credit Crunch? Business Profit Improvement Services are provided in addition to Edge Impact’s other services. An outside view of a business from someone who naturally thinks “out of the box” can be very valuable to a small or large company and can be the very difference between making a loss and making a profit or making a much larger profit than you are now.

How is the Business Profit Improvement Service done?

Our Business Profit Improvement Service can be provided in a number of ways:

  • A one day review with a summary report thereafter. Free initial meeting to discuss the issues and for us to put forward what we can do for you.
  • Consultancy from a few days to a few weeks or months.
  • A specified number of days per month for a set period or indefinitely.
  • Board and Director level involvement in an executive or non-executive capacity.Managing Director, Ken Good

Who provides Edge Impact’s Business Profit Improvement Service?

Edge Impact’s Business Profit Improvement Service consultancy is provided by our Managing Director, Mr Ken Good. Ken went to Rhodes University attaining a BCom II which included Business Administration III (also including Marketing and computer studies), Accounting II, Auditing, Economics II, Computer Studies, Business Mathematics and Statistics. Ken will be found to be honest, have the highest integrity, and to tell it like it is. Further details can be found on Ken Good's LinkedIn profile.

Why is Ken Good qualified to carry out this service for you?

Ken has a natural ability to see problems, alternatives and opportunities in businesses. He has a professional quality and is able to relate to people at every level in a company.

Ken has had the following experience:

  • Turned a supermarket and butchery business which had been running at a loss for 3 years into a profit, covering all previous accumulated losses in the first year. In the second year the company was able to repay almost all of the original loan capital used to set up the business.
  • Turned a department, which was classified as a cost centre, into the most profitable department in the company, in the largest computer bureau in New Zealand.
  • Worked as a consultant and provided training in many companies in the UK since 1989, including Visa International (17 projects), Stirling Software, Galileo International, Scottish Widows, and the London Stock Exchange.
  • Had the unique experience of reviewing many companies operations, primarily with a view to an efficient web presence. Some of these companies have become very successful with an average of 1500 users visiting the clients website every day. The advice and recommendations however have extended beyond the pure implementation of a website.
  • Ken grew up in a business environment with his parents owning a very large Ford franchise (in the top 10 in South Africa) and Shell petrol station (largest forecourt in South Africa) of which he had a 12.5% shareholding from the age of 13. Ken took an active part in running the business and at age 13 Ken was responsible for cycling 2 miles to the garage and doing the cashing up in the morning and evening on weekends. He was included in all director meetings and contributed much to the expansion of the business. This garage business was expanded to an additional 2 garages in neighbouring towns.
  • Developed and managed a software project for Systems Center / Stirling Software which sold world wide, earning the company in excess of US$12 million revenue. These were 3 CRM products in the IBM Systems Management arena each winning the ICP ‘Million Dollars in One Year’ Award in 1992. The success of the project was mostly due to viewing the development from a business and profitability point of view.
  • Worked in a Time Management department in a large factory for a brief 3 months before going to University and during this period made a number of recommendations to management which were subsequently implemented, saving the company hundreds of thousands over the years to come.

Ken has the following attributes:

  • Highly analytical mind.
  • A wide experience of business in different sectors.
  • The ability to understand the operations of any business and view these from many angles for optimum results.
  • The ability to communicate with people of every level.
  • The ability to see the big picture with an out-of-the-box view.
  • The ability to see where computerisation can or won’t make a difference.
  • Honesty and openness, telling it as it is.
  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • Unbounded enthusiasm for the task at hand.
  • Ken has been interested in business and the running of them for virtually all his life.

Ken has the unique ability of walking into a business and very quickly saying whether the business, if it continues like it is, will be closed down and approximately when. Ken is only surprised by the length of time it has taken for some of them to close their doors, and probably at great cost to the owners/share holders personal wealth. These have included many small businesses through to some very large businesses, one of which was Courts. For that Ken feels to some degree, guilty for not offering his services where he knew he could have made a difference.

The fixes can be simple to implement and with minimal costs.

What we can do for your business?

Ken can offer a fresh outside-the-box view for your business and its operation whether you're in the life insurance business, the food business or any other business, with a view to increasing the profits of the company and making changes were changes are required. Ken is a person who faces the facts with cold calculation and who is not afraid to step in where needed and assist managers and owners achieve their goals.

At Edge Impact we take great pride in everything we do. We offer a Free Initial Consultation. The details of the service can be discussed in the first meeting.

For further information please call (0118) 947 0927 (International +44 118 947 0927) or email profit@edgeimpact.co.uk

We look forward to being of service to you.

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