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Facebook Accounts being Hacked or Cloned - DON'T Suffer the Consequences
Ref: 155

Date: Tue 27/Feb/2024, 02:29
People are having their Facebook accounts Hacked or Cloned, and this is what you should do and what your friends should do to keep your information safe and not give you problems in the future. This also explains the difference between being Hacked and having your account Cloned.
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File Naming Standards - Saving the environment - by NOT printing invoices
Ref: 154

Date: Tue 03/Mar/2020, 12:09
Requesting suppliers to name their invoices appropriately to save time and effort in becoming Green and saving the environment. In the format:
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Orange, Freeserve and Wanadoo email addresses to shut down 31st May 2017
Ref: 153

Date: Sat 06/May/2017, 12:01
Contact details: Ken Good

Anyone with an email address ending in,,,,,,,,, will no longer be able to use them after the 31st May 2017.

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EU Ruling - UK SMEs selling online must register for VAT by 1st Jan 2015
Ref: 152

Date: Sun 21/Dec/2014, 18:18
The new EU regulation requiring SMEs in the UK to register for VAT if the are selling on line comes into effect from the 1st January 2015.
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Online shopping consumers prefer to talk to someone on the phone
Ref: 150

Date: Fri 31/Jan/2014, 11:36

Here are some interesting marketing statistics on how people prefer to speak to someone before committing to purchasing online. Make your website display contact details so people can do this easily.

"Research shows that the phone call is still an important part of the online shopping experience but marketers are failing to recognise the value of offline sales, missing out on potential revenues as a result. ResponseTap estimates that offline channels such as phone calls play a role in generating the £582 million Britons spend online every week.

Indeed, the survey of more than 2,000 UK consumers and interviews with 250 marketing managers commissioned by the analytics specialist, found that 57 per cent trust retailers and service providers more when they are easily accessible by phone."

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Yahoo, BTInternet and Hotmail accounts hacked into to send SPAM and Phishing
Ref: 149

Date: Fri 26/Apr/2013, 17:38
Contact details: Ken Good

Many Yahoo, BTInternet and Hotmail email accounts (and most probably others too) have been hacked into this year and many emails sent to those in the contacts lists, causing problems for the owner of the email account and all the people they have in their contacts list.

To find out what you can do about it, follow the link below.

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8 new websites to start
Ref: 148

Date: Fri 15/Mar/2013, 11:56

We have just got the task of doing all the websites from a large computer sales, support and networking company who we have been dealing with for over 15 years and they have been getting busier and busier with large contracts and they don’t want to do website development work anymore so thats great. We have done overflow work for them in the past so they know what our work is like.They have a backlog of 8 websites to do, some involving bespoke database work, and they will now be promoting website work whereas previously it was an ancillary task they did when clients asked them.

We are however looking for more work to get us back up to capacity so if you know anyone who wants website work we would love to hear from you - or maybe they are not having any business come in from their websites and we offer a Free website evaluation on the phone and tell them why not.

Edge Impact now has a new Cookie Policy Component
Ref: 147

Date: Tue 05/Mar/2013, 14:50

If you do not have a Cookie Acceptance Function on your website now then you are in breach of the law in the UK and EU. In accordance with the UK and EU regulations which came into force on the 26th May 2011, all users to a website must be notified whether cookies are or are not being recorded on their computer and given the option to accept and continue with the viewing of your website pages.

See further information about Edge Impact Cookie Acceptance Function.

The Good News Story Everyone Should Watch
Ref: 143

Date: Thu 20/Dec/2012, 13:37

This is a Good News Story which very few people have seen but is SO important for every adult and child in the UK and the world for the benefit of every resident and those yet to come.

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Spam Email Case Reference
Ref: 151

Date: Mon 28/May/2012, 11:13
There is still hope in sueing people for sending you SPAM emails...
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