Useful links

Useful Links

The following is a list of links to businesses who provide additional facilities to ours, whose services we have used in the past and which we have been very pleased with. No warranty or guarantee of their services is given or implied in any way and all business done with these businesses is not connected to Edge Impact Consulting Ltd in any way.

Free Downloads Edge Impact Consulting Ltd Logo Edge Impact provide free downloads.

Between the Lines
Communication Ltd
Between the Lines Communication Ltd BtL Communication Ltd provides Telecommunication, Data and Managed IT services to clients throughout the UK. Save an Average of 25% on your Business Lines and Telephone Calls when you move them to BtL, and for a limited time only receive a Free Communications Audit, read more... For more details go to

Lead Forensics Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics gives you the information you need to uncover new sales opportunities that may otherwise have been lost. With our tool you can see full contact information of every visitor to your website even if they haven’t contacted you or made an enquiry. This allows you to generate leads you didn't know you had and maximize the performance of your website.

See key information about your site visitors with Lead Forensics including:

• Company name
• Telephone number
• Address
• Web address
• Industry
• Company profile
• Turnover
• Key individuals on LinkedIn

Unlike any other analytic tools, with Lead Forensics you're able to create trigger alerts sent straight to the inbox of individuals in your business allowing your colleagues to action and follow up hot prospects, maximizing your B2B lead generation and online ROI.

Contact Rob Gray (Direct Line 02392 280040) for a demo and free trial which will enable you to see all the hot actionable leads that you are currently missing from your website.

Get 5% discount when you tell them Edge Impact referred you when you first contact them.

iStockphoto Millions of people depend on iStockphoto, the web's original source for royalty-free stock images, media and design elements with affordable prices and exceptional quality. Stock photos are ready-made images that are licensable for use in your advertising or promotional materials to illustrate specific things, concepts or ideas. Visit now.

Better Business Decisions Better Business Decisions for Small Businesses

Whether you're just starting up or already have an established business, Better Business Decisions can help you sort out all your finance and accounting essentials - from bookkeeping and VAT returns to cash flow forecasts and business plans, and the all important end of year accounts. We help small businesses across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. See more details at

Pictures to DVD Conversions Pictures to DVD Conversions Photos, Slides, Negatives, VHS and Video 8 tapes deteriorate over time. Have yours converted to DVD by professionals so you don't lose them forever. This will also allow you to email copies of your pictures to friends and family or upload your pictures to social websites like

See more details on

Pensions and Wealth
Management Services Ltd
Pensions and Wealth Management Services Ltd We are a small firm of Independent Financial Advisers based in Southport, Merseyside and Harpenden, Herts. We aim to build and maintain long term relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and requirements and helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations. See more details on

alldayPA alldayPA We offer a call answering service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What happens after we answer the call depends on what you need. We'll work with you to understand your business and how our call answering service can best support you. We can provide everything from a virtual switchboard or media response line, to a full call answering centre, and everything between. But whatever you need, if it involves call answering, we can help.

Call us on 0845 056 8888 and quote '840' or see more details on

Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender
FREE Anti Virus from

Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender - FREE Anti Virus. Save yourself money every year by downloading and using this anti-virus instead. Also free to small businesses with up to 10 computers.

We had a well known antivirus package installed on all of our computers in the office and we had a virus get through. It cost good money getting it cleared off our systems. Our PC support people recommended installing Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender depending on the operating system and as soon as we plugged a memory stick with the virus on it into a computer this antivirus popped up immediately with a message and we were able to delete it.

Go to one of the following links and follow instructions (you may need to de-install your existing antivirus before installing):

Windows 7:

Windows 8:

Windows 10:

NOTE 1: We recommend, despite automatic downloads of anti-virus lists on most anti-virus packages, manually downloading the updates every morning before using your computers in any other way and also to do it again if you are using your computer for a long period of time (example all day then download the virus list first thing in the afternoon).

NOTE 2: Despite having Anti-virus software, even the top brands of anti-virus, installed on your computer this DOES NOT guarantee that you will not get a virus on your computer. We as a company have had viruses on computers even when each of the top brands of anti-virus are installed, although we are very cautious and insist all staff follow procedures we have had less than 5 viruses on our computers since we started trading in 2000. Common sense says that viruses are being written worldwide all the time, all anti-virus software products are one step behind writing the anti-virus code to stop the viruses affecting your machine. You must still take great care to ensure you do not open suspicious files on your computer, particularly any which are executable such as for example those ending in .exe, .doc, .docx, .asp, .php, .htm, .html, etc. Please search the internet for a definitive list and make yourself aware of security issues and how to avoid them. Also be very careful when de-installing one anti-virus in order to install another and if you are not experienced in these things then have a professional do it for you - it may save you a lot of money and problems.

NOTE 3: Remember that, particularly in a work environment, any one computer on the network getting a virus on it will probably infect the server and then all computers on the network may be at risk. So ALL people using computers on the network must be as cautious as possible.

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