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Free Photo Image Resizer

It is sometimes necessary to resize the images you are uploading to the web or want to send as an attachment on an email because many now being produced by modern cameras are a much larger file sizes than they should be for normal internet and website usage.

Edge Impact have sourced a third party product, tested it thoroughly and it seems to do everything required however Edge Impact Consulting Ltd make no warranty for the product but have merely supplied the product to be used by users at their own risk. The product was sourced from http://www.rw-designer.com/photo-resizer-advanced and is free to use. Edge Impact makes no charge for sourcing this facility and does not sell or re-sell the product however some administration and support costs may be passed on to clients should clients require assistance in the installation and use of the product.

Re-sizing and compressing images to be upload to a website allows for the quick upload of the images, make the images appear much better on a website (you may have noticed some distortion on some uploaded pictures previously) and also allows website pages to download much quicker when people are browsing pages which contain images on your website. This facility, when installed is quite easy to use.

Using this facility you can right click on individual images, multiple images by holding the Ctrl key down, or right click ona  folder to resize all images in a folder. Copies of the resized images are saved with the same name as the original plus a dash and the resized pixel size in the name.

For Windows XP operating systems:

Download option 1: click on the download zip: PhotoResize.zip open the file and copy the folder to your computer. Then open the folder and click on the InstallPhotoResizing.bat file to install the programs on your computer.

Download option 2 (if you do not have an unzip facility on your computer): Create a new folder on your computer then save the following files into your new folder:

readme.txt - Will open in a new window. Save this file as readme.txt using your browser's File / Save As option.
InstallPhotoResizing.bat - Will open in a new window. Save this file as InstallPhotoResizing.bat (Note:change the name from InstallPhotoResizing.txt to InstallPhotoResizing.bat) using your browser's File / Save As option.
And one or more of the following resizing programs where the number portion indicates the pixel width after re-sizing (Note: the files which have a Q and a number indicate the quality percentage so for example Q100 = quality 100%. this leads to larger files but a better quality):


To install this feature on your computer, simply double click on the InstallPhotoResizing file in the directory. This will copy the included Photo re-sizing files to your computer user account. If you have multiple users with different logons to the computer then each user will have to run the InstallPhotoResizing program.

For Windows 7 operating systems:

Download the zip file PhotoResizer.zip and save it to your computer. Open the Windows 7 SendTo folder. To find it, open Windows Explorer and paste "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" into the address line and press enter. open another copy of Windows Explorer and use it to open the zip file then save the contents of the zip file into the Send To folder.

How to use the resizing programs:

Do not try and resize a small picture to a bigger size because the quality will not be good - for instance do not try and resize a picture which has been resized to 135 pixels wide back up to 300 pixels wide.

To use them simply select one or more pictures or folders (select multiple pictures by holding the Ctrl button down while selecting them) and then right click the mouse on one of them. You will be presented with a menu - move the mouse pointer down to Send To and then select one of the options beginning with "PhotoResize". The number at the end of the name is the width of the re-sized image you want. This will create additional copies of the pictures selected, concatenating a "-" and the number of the resizing file you selected to the end of the name of each picture. Use these new picture files for uploading to the web.

For advanced usage information:
Should you wish to resize images to a different width then copy one of the existing image resizing programs in your Send To folder and replace the number in the name of the file with the width of the re-sized image you want.

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