Edge Impact Bookings System

Edge Impact Booking Package (EiBP) - Online Booking and Appointment System

Edge Impact Booking Package is an Online Booking Software & Reservation System designed for a whole range of applications including driving organisations, taxi companies, social care associations etc.

The System Features (please note, this system can easily be adapted to meet your specific requirements):

- Secure online system accessible from remote locations

- Manages different types of bookings including but not limited to:

   • Drivers 
   • Home Visitors
   • Shoppers

- Provides extensive features for service providers / staff members:

   • Accommodate Frame
   • Accommodate Wheelchair
   • Number of Passengers to Accommodate

- Service Provider / Staff Management System

- Client Management System

- Booking Creation and Management with an interactive and friendly Graphical Interface

- Booking can be done from Service Provider / Staff member records, from Client records or directly for ease of use.

- Various Bookings Listings Views: current, archived, all for easier viewing

- Full interactive search in all fields by just typing part of searched content

- Optional email notification when a booking is made or changed

Here are some snapshots of the application:
Note 1: All names, addresses and telephone numbers are fictitious and made up. Any resemblance to actual names or addresses is purely coincidental. Any email addresses displayed are those of Edge Impact Websites.

Note 2:
Some pages may differ slightly in the supplied product due to enhancements having been added in later versions of the package since its original development and implementation into a production environment in 2012.

Staff Listing Staff Add Clients List Client Add Client Add 
Booking Add Booking Add - Filled

This system has been and is being used in full production by clients, one of which is the Caversham Good Neighbours at www.cavershamgoodneighbours.org.uk.

At Edge Impact we take great pride in everything we do. For further information please call (0118) 947 0927 (International +44 118 947 0927) or email info@edgeimpact.co.uk

We look forward to being of service to you.

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