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Edge Impact Content Driven Website (EiCD) Package

Edge Impact Websites’ Content Driven (EiCD) website package system has sample website pages, a database system which allows an administrator (the Client) of the system to modify the content of existing pages, add new pages, change page search engine critical information, modify menu options and upload graphics which are automatically optimised.

The key is that while providing this facility to clients, the search engine ranking of pages are maintained so your website pages are found by users seeking the products, services and/or information you offer.

The advantages of the EiCD system are that the Client can do any ongoing content changes to the website themselves with minimal computer literacy and without resorting to costly ongoing maintenance costs in the long term. If the Client does not want to do these changes then Edge Impact Website's personnel will be happy to carry them out on a time cost basis or equally a third party can be engaged to make the changes. We have many clients who use this facility too, simply because they don't have the time to make the changes they want themselves, the key being to keep your website up to date so people keep coming back to seek your products and/or services and also to maintain your search engine ranking ensuring your pages are found.

The supplied EiCD system comprises:

  1. A secure logon facility, not available to the general public through links from the website, in order to modify the website content. The system is designed in such a way that this folder's name can be changed at any point making it even more secure from outsider access.
  2. A search and selection list for finding existing website content pages.
  3. A Template system so pages can be added very quickly using one of the templates. Templates themselves can be easily added and changed so where for example a telephone number of address is displayed in the template these can be changed and automatically all pages using that template will display the updated information.
  4. A page update facility which allows the Client to change search engine specific page information on each page including META search Keywords, the Description and the Title of pages for search engine optimisation.
  5. An online Word-like editor facility to change the content of pages. Standard editing facilities are provided like copy and paste (even from Word), colours, text sizes, picture insert, links to other pages and websites.
  6. Page add, copy and delete options.
  7. A Menu facility which will allow the Client to add and delete menu items and also decide on where menus will be, namely Top, Bottom, Left, and/or Right sides of the page
  8. A file upload facility with automatic picture resizing options to improve website performance. Any file type can be uploaded including picture files, sound files, moving image files, and execution files for example pdf, jpg, gif, doc, mp3, etc.
  9. Home page sample.
  10. About page sample for information about the website business like the overview, its divisions and USPs.
  11. Product/Service page samples for the provision of information regarding the products and services offered.
  12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page sample.
  13. Job vacancies page sample.
  14. Testimonials entry facility and display pages.
  15. News entry facility and display pages.
  16. Events entry facility and display pages.
  17. Links display page sample to allow the Client to provide a reciprocal link to other websites in return for them linking to your website to increase search engine ranking for the Client website.
  18. Contact page sample containing a form submission facility.
  19. Terms and Conditions page sample.
  20. Privacy page sample.
  21. Site Map generator facility which generates an XML file containing all pages in the system which are specified to display. If a page is no longer wanted by you to display on the website but you want to keep it for future reference then simply change its Display Online option to "No". The site map XML page is not seen on the website but is read by search engines to build their page indexes.
  22. Form submitting validation facility. Many hackers and spammers use forms on websites to submit their information to from remote locations. Our EiCD system stops this happening and notifies the sender and the website administrators with an appropriate message. Most senders stop their attempts after receiving the message however, because we include all the information available about the attempt including the IP address, we can block the user from accessing the website if they continue.

Additional services such as Graphic design, including Logo design, page configuration, and implementation can be provided by Edge Impact Websites however these usually come with the package offer at the time.

There are various bolt on applications available for the EiCD system such as Online Shop package (EiSP), Online Booking system, a Book system which allows an administrator to add as many books as they want and the pages associated with them for users of the internet to read.

Please contact us today on 0118 947 0927 or our Contact Us page for further details of our Content Driven websites.

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