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Cookie Information for Websites in the UK and the EU

If you do not have a Cookie Acceptance Function on your website now then you are in breach of the law in the UK and EU.

In accordance with the UK and EU regulations which are now in force, all users to a website must be notified whether cookies are or are not being recorded on their computer and given the option to accept and continue with the viewing of your website pages.

To abide with the law contact Edge Impact to have a Cookie Policy applied to your website. A typical installation costs only £35. Click one of the demo examples of how they can work on your website:



Not how you want your Cookie Policy to work? Our Cookie Policy component is easily modified to meet your requirements.

A cookie is a small data storage mechanism on the users machine. Many websites need to store information in cookies in order to operate, such as shopping cart websites which need to be able to store the selected products in order to add them to an order. Cookies are also used by analytical packages which determine the numbers of visitors to different website pages, such as Google analytics.

Potentially all personal information can be stored in cookies on a user's computer however typically this is not done by website development companies because of data protection.

The Edge Impact Content Driven system (EiCD) package or any of its bolt on components do not store any personal information in cookies.

There is a lot of hype about the use of cookies however they are typically a small bit of data stored in your computer in order to make your experience of a website better in some way. Most browsers and certainly all the main ones allow you to stop all cookies being stored on your computer. See the help of your particular browser in order to see how you can do that however you may find that you are unable to use some websites.

Further information about cookies can be found on the UK Government’s Information Commissioners Office website at www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/privacy_and_electronic_communications/the_guide/cookies.aspx.

If your website does not provide cookie information, even if it is to say you do not store them, then you need to comply with the law as soon as possible.

Contact Edge Impact Websites at www.edgeimpact.co.uk/contact.php for assistance in this regard. We have the necessary components which we can install on your website very quickly and easily and your website can continue to operate as it does.



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