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The Job Seekers Help division of Edge Impact Consulting Ltd offer personal assistance, through Ken Good, to those seeking employment and it includes CV advice, interview training and general assistance in the process of seeking employment. We also help people in positions who fear being made redundant.

The process of securing a job is like the rungs on a ladder, you can't get to the next rung without successfully passing each rung before it:

  • If you don't have a well presented CV you won't get an interview.
  • If you don't present yourself well in an interview you won't get a job offer.
  • If you don't get a job offer you won't succeed in securing employment.
  • And needless to say, if you aren't seen to do a good job you won't continue to be employed.

Ken Good has helped people find suitable employment within days and weeks when they have been seeking a job for months and even years without success. One of these people had been looking for a suitable position for 2½ years, having sent out over 200 copies of their CV without success and after Ken's assistance the next job that came up they sent their CV out, got an interview, and got the job. Another more recently has sent 50 CVs out without receiving any response and after assistance got responses from the next two companies they sent their CV to the day after sending them and they had secured very suitable employment within 2 weeks. The testimonials from people prove the benefits of this assistance to job seekers.

Ken Good is in the prime position to help people in this role because he has been in management positions where it has been critical to interview and employ the right staff, been interviewed as a potential permanent employee on a number of occasions in different countries, has been a computer contractor for 9 years where being interviewed and securing the position for himself was imperative to being continually employed, and owned and run a recruitment company for 5 years where he had immense experience in determining what CVs got interviews and what qualities in people led to them being offered positions in companies. Ken has had this experience in South Africa, New Zealand and in the UK since 1989. Ken has helped people in all these countries and also Australia.

Our Results prove the success for clients have had with our help. See our Client Testimonials which we have received.

Your interests are our interests.

We view clients not as clients but as partners in business for the long term. Often people become unsure in their existing positions or they are unsure how to handle certain circumstances - we can help with this too.

We provide you with frank and honest advice to achieve the optimum results for you.

Our key skills are:

Experience in job seeking, interviewing potential employees, and the recruitment industry
Experience in what CVs work and what CVs don't work in securing interviews
Interview techniques and how you can cope with them
Frank and honest advice on how you can improve your chances in securing employment
Our results speak for themselves

Call us today on (0118) 947 0927 (International: +44 118 947 0927) to find out what we can do for you.
See our Contact Us page for other ways to contact us.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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