Town and Community Website Packages

Town and Community Website Package

We have set up a new venture in conjunction with uChoose Media Ltd to provide this package across the UK under the banner of uChoose. The new system will include all features and functions of the old system plus many more. This is an exciting venture for us and uChoose Media Ltd. The first of these website can be seen at:

If you wish to have a similar website for your area, town or county then please contact uChoose Media direct on 0845 853 1200 or the Wokingham division on 0118 342 0690.


The previous version of this package is as follows:

We provide you with a Town or Community website package with your own design. We will train you and assist you with the set up for 50% of the revenue generated. We provide all ongoing hosting, technical support, and search engine optimisation.


  • Community News pages.
  • Local Events page which the public can add to.
  • Local History pages.
  • Listings pages including categories for Businesses, Clubs, Churches, Charities, Schools.
  • Easy administration system to add more Categories and Types.
  • Link to a Map with local parking details.
  • Special Offers facility which allows businesses to add their own special offers which will attract people to the area.
  • Loyalty Card system where local businesses can decide to partake and add their promotion and users can register to get their Loyalty Card which is automatically generated with their name, unique number and expiry date.
  • Testimonials page so people can add their own testimonials and these have to be accepted by the administrators before they are displayed on the website.
  • Listing registration restriction so that all new registrations have to be verified by an administrator before they are displayed on the site.
  • Automatic emails sent to notify when Listings on the website are to expire.
  • Category Types can be specified as different prices, for example you can give Clubs a free registration.
  • A Jobs page so local businesses can publish job vacancies.
  • A Links page which allows you to add local links of benefit to users of the website.
  • And finally, and largest of all, a Loyalty Card system which applies to each local area and promotes every area considerably.

Note, we will add any other features to the site which we both agree would enhance the site at no cost to you!

Would you like a package like this to manage and generate revenue for you or the local body or group you belong to?

The Henley Standard published an article about the Henley loyalty card scheme which can be found here: Note at the end of the article it says:

“In Princes Risborough, more than 1,500 of the £20 cards have been sold. Half the fee goes to community projects.

Local councillor Bill Bendyshe-Brown, who is a member of the Risborough Area Business Group, says the scheme has helped increase the number of visitors by more than 75 per cent.”

Thats a significant increase in sales to any town, suburb or community!

An example is the Caversham Traders Association's official website called Choose Caversham at

What we will do

  1. Set the website up on a new domain with an appropriate name.
  2. Rebrand the site in a mutually acceptable way.
  3. Provide you training so you can add and change the Enhanced Listings.
  4. Provide support to you and for the website.
  5. Carry out search engine optimisation.
  6. Make payments to you of 50% of the revenue received on a monthly basis.
  7. Enhance the site as time goes on in order to meet ongoing requirements.

What you will have to do

  1. Add as many listings to the site as possible including local community contacts such as clubs, schools, churches, etc. in order to attract people to the site.
  2. Sell the Enhanced listings to the businesses (at a mutually agreed price). Many will reregister online in secondary years which means you have no input.
  3. Help the businesses set their page up if needed and instruct them on how to edit their own pages – we give you the training and assistance with this. 
  4. If you wish to run a loyalty card system (configurable in the system as to whether you do or don't) market it to businesses and the public.
  5. Market the site by posting in Facebook, Twitter and any other media websites you choose to use.

Contact us if you would like to take this great opportunity to share in the sales revenue with us on a 50/50 basis.

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