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The following testimonials have been received from some of the people we have helped with their CVs/resumes and interview advice.

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your assistance in helping me professionally set up and market my CV to prospective employers. Your input and advice were invaluable, and a lesson to all that your CV is your advertisement for yourself and should be taken seriously. No matter how good you are at what you do, it takes a craftsman to put that advert together for you. Thanks to your assistance in crafting my CV as well as your guidance in preparing me for interviews, I got a job on my very first interview!

I will recommend you to anyone who is seriously looking for employment.

Alan Marsden

Being a new immigrant in New Zealand I landed a job, but two years down the line I was made redundant. No matter how many positions I applied for and interviews I attended I seemed to be getting nowhere, times were very clearly tough out there.  
Either I was over qualified, under qualified and the bewildering blow came when at an interview I was told I took to long to interview.  Ken really helped me out with his experience of having worked in South Africa, New Zealand and England. He pointed out where I was going wrong on the interviews, we set up over Skype mock interviews and he assisted in refining my CV. These mock interviews really helped in boosting my continence.

I would recommend anyone to follow the route I took with Ken. I soon landed a wonderful position in one of Australia's leading banks.

Thank you, Ken.   

L.C Yallup
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Ken,

Although it's some time ago now I must thank you for your help in constructing my CV. As a newly graduated Electrical Engineer I was having great trouble in convincing an employer that they should hire me, due to my lack of relevant work experience. Between us we managed to produce a CV which got me to my first proper engineering interview. Those days were difficult due to the economic situation in the UK and after some months I was again looking for work. Yet again I submitted my new CV and secured another job with a world famous film production company and spent several more years in secure employment.

I would recommend anyone experiencing difficulty in securing a job interview to seek your help with their CV and advice on interview technique.
Thanks again.

James Brown BSc

To Whom it May Concern,

I have know Ken Good as a network contact for a number of years and have always found him a useful source of advice and information. Having been in the market for a career position since April 2011 and not having had any success in being interviewed, despite forwarding an uncountable number of C.V's, I recently mentioned the frustration of my predicament to Ken.

Ken responded by saying that he provides a service whereby he reviews and reworks clients C.V's and in doing so has had a number of successes. In many cases people who had sent off numerous C.V's without gaining an interview had, after a C.V. rework by Ken, been granted an interview the very next time they sent off an application.

While this information seemed too good to be true I found Ken's quoted rate to be very reasonable and availed myself of this service. I am very pleased I did as the result was quite amazing. Within a few days of Ken revising my C.V. a senior management role was advertised. Forwarding my C.V. with a cover letter in the format of Ken' suggestion I was pleasantly surprised to be granted an interview for the role in short time.

This was the first interview I had had for a role in almost a year and as you can imagine I was very happy to contact Ken and be able to thank him for playing such a big part in this success. At this point Ken took the time to provide me with some interview pointers. I took these on board during the interview and was pleased to report that at the end of the discussion with the recruiter she asked me if I would be prepared to put myself forward to her client for selection.

I am currently short-listed for this position and can honestly say, from post interview feedback, that if I had not taken advantage of Ken Good's C.V service I would not have been selected for a first interview, let alone now be in serious contention for the role.

If any body is in a similar predicament to my own I would recommend engaging Ken to rework your C.V. The reasonable fee he charges is more an investment than a cost and engaging Ken to improve my CV is proving to be one of the best returns on investment I have made in recent years.

Thanks Ken!

KM  M.B.A. (Name withheld until after existing work notice period completed and new position commenced)

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