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We are not only website developers... We provide business solutions and applications.

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Edge Impact Consulting Ltd - We live on the Edge of Technology to provide you the Impact in the market.

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Edge Impact Consulting Ltd was incorporated in 2000 and has a number of divisions as detailed below, many of which have grown out of the website design and development arena. Our objectives are to:

  • Approach all development from a Marketing and Usability perspective to produce optimum results for you.
  • Make websites pay for themselves within 6 to 12 months of going live by increased revenue to the client (current record is 3 weeks).
  • Produce quality work for you at respectable prices.
  • Provide you with frank and honest advice about business and websites at all times.
  • View clients not as clients but as partners in business for the long term.
  • Make your interests our interests.

Our Results prove our success for clients. See Our Results, Client Testimonials and our Portfolio of some of our clients at www.edgeimpact.co.uk/website-design/websites_portfolio.php for more information.

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Can you AFFORD to have your website NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY when more than 50% of people in the UK use mobiles to access websites, AND Google downgrades ranking if pages are NOT mobile friendly? See details on our Mobile Friendly Websites page.

Some of the websites we have designed and developed:

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on our

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Edge Impact Consulting company Divisions:


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We look forward to being of service to you.

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