Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

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These days, many businesses want more functionality from their web sites. That is, they want to be able to offer more than just a static 'shop window'.

You may wish to have e-commerce 'shopping' facilities, or a 'search and retrieval' system (for larger 'information' sites). Alternatively, you may simply wish to have some 'Dynamic Content' on your pages. This could be dependent on a person 'logging in', or the date and/or time.

Whatever form of 'Dynamic Content' you require, Edge Impact can deliver, whether it is simply the display of the current date or time, a form that adds up product item costs, or a fully featured 'front and back office' e-commerce system.

In many cases, some form of 'Database Integration' is required. We can use any external database product, such as - MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server etc to hold your data, which the web page technologies (typical Hypertext Preprocessor - PHP or Microsoft's Active Server Pages - ASP) access for display on the users screen.

If you think you might require this kind of functionality on your site, please get in touch.

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