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Domain Name Registering With Alternative Suffixes and Scams

It is important to have the right suffix to your domain name for marketing and search engine reasons. It can also be important to have one or more other suffixes to your domain name.

People contact us about emails they have received, offering them the registration of their domain names with alternative suffixes. Some of these emails try to scare the owners of domain names into registering these extra domains because "Mr John Soap wants to regiter YourDomainName.Something but we note that you have and we give you this opportunity to ...".

It is our experience that these offers for domain names most often end in ".cn" which are Chinese domains. Unless you want to target the Chinese market, or any other country related suffix then there is not much point registering these domains. There are hundreds of suffixes available and the cost would be prohibitive to register them all, and with little or no gain in having them.

Some other domains which clients might want to consider registering are:
and any of the other hundreds listed on See List Of Suffixes Here which are country specific or sector specific such as .club, .sale, .accountant, .actor, .bar, etc.

We will advise you from a marketing and technical search engine point of view what's best to do in each case if you contact us.

We can register all domains for you which you may need.



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