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Search Engine Submissions to over 400 search engines

Why does your website need to be registered in the important search engines?

You could be losing business. Businesses could always do with more customers particularly in these trying times. Your website may not even be listed in Google or any other search engine, even if you have had your website for years.

Call us for a FREE website evaluation on the phone for 10 minutes and we will tell you what needs to be done - that's all it will take. And there is no obligation - just call 0845 450 6767 (Local call rates apply).

You can see for yourself by:

A. Going to and typing in "site:abcde" where "abcde" is your website name, for example "". This will list all of the pages on your website that Google has registered.


B. Download the Google tool bar by going to This will add a line to the top of your windows internet browser. Click on the settings option on this new line and click on "Options.." then the "More" option then tick on "Page Rank and Page Info" then click OK. This will then show the "PageRank" option on the Google tool bar with the ranking of any page you are on.


C. Go to any page on your website with Internet Explorer and then on the menu select "View / Source" ("View / Page Source" on Firefox). Look for the META data "<meta name="description", "<meta name="keywords" and "<TITLE>". If there is no or limited content in these then your search results will be impacted. Also in the content of this "View / Source" there must be appropriate words which the search engines can read and register so when people do a search they can find your website. If the words are not in there, as many websites use images as opposed to content which we can read with the eye but search engines cannot read, then your website will not come up when a search is done for the words which are appropriate to your business.

But there is much more to it than being registered in Google. There is also the question of Google ranking and also being registered in all the other search engines people tend to use the most.

If your website is not listed in the search engine a person is using then your website will never be found when people search for your products or services. Not having your website registered in search engines is like having a telephone line installed to receive incoming orders and at the same time having the number unlisted and never advertising it - you are just not going to have orders come in on that line!

What can you do about it? Get your website listed in over 400 search engines by Edge Impact today for only £140 plus vat. What we do for this is:

1. Review the META tags (the things that search engines look at) on the pages of your website and advise you accordingly.

2. Provide you with advice on the use of appropriate words on your website so search engines will register the right words to find your website.

3. Submit your website to over 400 search engines and provide you with a report of the results of the submission to each of the search engines. Note that search engines, including Google, can take up to 8 weeks to list your website pages and there is nothing anyone can do to speed this up although sometimes a registration can go in within days - it depends when Google does its next update on a section of websites.

4. Manually submit your site to a select few important search engines for best results.

5. Provide you with a list of over 20 directory type websites where you can register your website and details mostly for free in order to improve the search engine ranking of your website. We can do this for you for a small extra charge.

6. Give you a free shop entry and up to 10 products and services on When you receive your search engine submission results just go to and register your shop and proceed to the payment page then give us a call and we will activate your shop for a whole year for FREE. There are no commission charges for sales through Any problems then just call 0845 872 5677 for help.

7. Re-submit your website for free to the search engines up to two months after the first submission - all you have to do is call us and tell us to do it for you. You may want this done if you have changed some of the content on your website.

Disclaimer / The small print: No guarantee of getting listed in any specific search engine or getting on the first page of search results can be given because the internals of each search engine determine the acceptance and order of results listings. Websites which meet specific search criteria tend to be rotated in the order of presentation so that a website will get a turn at the top sometimes but when is dependent on how many other websites meet the same criteria in your area.

We do know however that if your website is not in a search engine it will never come up and if our procedures are followed exactly your website will have better results. See one of the websites which has over 40,000 sessions every month, and that's in a recession, at See another at which has it's products coming up on the first page of Google and someone in Reading, UK who added a shop on a Sunday sold a product to someone in Wales on the Monday following!

We look forward to hearing from you and being of service to you.

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