Mobile friendly and device specific website pages

Mobile Phone Friendly (Responsive) Websites

Over 50% of all website page accesses on the internet in the UK are now done from mobile devices. Are you losing customers on the internet because your website is not responsive text and image friendly?

Another very significant issue is, Google now downgrades website page ranking if they are NOT mobile friendly.

For website content to display in a readable format on all screens it must be responsive – that is to say, display in different ways to accommodate the screen size of the users device. In addition to mobile phones there are iPads, tablets and the like, all of which have different screen sizes.

Check your website is Mobile Friendly by using Google's Mobile-Friendly test at

All new websites designed and developed by Edge Impact Websites are now responsive text and image websites in order to present the content of all website pages in a professional and readable way to users using all devices.

If your website does conform to responsive text and image formats then more than 50% of page views by users will not be seeing your website content properly – and this percentage is rising every month.

You can test your website for responsive text and image displays by accessing your website from a mobile phone or other device such as a tablet or iPad, or alternatively reducing the size of your browser window size, progressively getting narrower and narrower. To change the size of your browser window on your computer, ensure that your browser window is not maximised (click the icon between the minimise and red X icon to close the window on the top right of your browser window. Clicking this icon will toggle between maximising the window to your screen size and not maximising it. When your browser window is not maximised you can drag the right border of the browser window to different sizes using your mouse.

Each website is different and while many websites will be relatively quick to modify, some may take longer, especially if they are developed using tables.

Contact Edge Impact Websites to get your website changed to responsive text and images so users of your website and potential customers can view your website pages on all mobile devices – and reach more than 50% of the people on the internet.

Email for a quote by specifying the website you want changed to accommodate responsive text and images.


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