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Domain Name Registration

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The first step in creating a web presence is securing your website name, commonly known as "registering your Domain". Domain Registration is an ideal way of creating an online presence. You can register your company's name and any words you are related to. This ensures that you have your unique web address registered in you or your company's name. When this domain name is typed into a web browser a visitor will be taken to your site.

It is essential that you have your domain name registered to ensure that no one else can register it in their name and "Cyber squat", thus depriving you a valuable revenue stream.

Edge Impact use the recognised authorities ; NOMINET & INTERNIC for its Domain Registrations. You can check your own domain name here and then pass it to us for Registration.

We offer free Domain Registration with some of our packages, click here for more details.

Domain Registration
Domain Registration Fees
UK Domain Names: Global Domain Names:
Domain Name Suffix Fee (GBP) Term £20 2 Yr £20 2 Yr £20 2 Yr £20 2 Yr £70 2 Yr
Domain Name Suffix Fee (GBP) Term
.com £20 1 Yr
.net £20 1 Yr
.org £20 1 Yr
.biz £20 1 Yr
.tv £100 2 Yr
.info £20 1 Yr
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