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Social MarketingWe specialise in the creation, planning and execution of an Online Communications Strategy to take a product, service or brand to market on the internet and especially social media, achieving great ROI for our customers.
We work with you to plan and execute engagement strategies which influence behaviour for increase customer involvement, a measured ROI and higher profitability from social media.

Our goals are your goals - to make a splash on social media and increase your revenue and brand awareness through satisfied customers and great engagement.

Step 1. Concept

This is the stage at which we'll think hard about the details of your product or service, about the personas within your target market and how they currently communicate with and use similar products or services, about your brand perception within your target market and much more besides. We identify the customers that have most value - and most potential value, and define precise leveraging strategies to unlock the growth opportunities.

It's important that we have a really good understanding of the product or service you are bringing to market and the objectives you have. We're not big fans of assumptions, so as soon as we start working with you we'll ask lots of questions to make sure we fully get it; after all if we don't get it, how can we make sure that your target audience do?

We ensure that your concept is fully market ready.

Step 2. Planning

Only once we've got to the bottom of your concept and understood inside out what you want to achieve, will we start work on your social communications strategy. The heart of the strategy is making sure that what you say resonates with the individuals within your target market and continues to engage each throughout the duration of their experience with you.

At this stage, we look at all communications from "first contact" (first visit by a brand new customer) to "long time married" (a well established repeat customer) and build a strategy around the process of prompting desired user behaviour with overt and covert rewards - using Gamification and Social Media as the key drivers, integrated to a wider communications strategy of PR and offline marketing if appropriate.

We ensure your plan will take you to market with the most impact for the budget you have available.

Step 3. Execution

Your social communications strategy will provide an AGILE, FLEXIBLE and INTELLIGENT plan, communicating the core proposition of your product or service in the language most appropriate to your target market using the social media they engage with and best understand. The plan will address response strategies and ongoing engagement methods and suggest best practices for adapting to future changes in the market.

We will work with you to execute your plan to your preferred timescale and within the agreed budget. In most cases, we will put together a team responsible for delivering the plan in conjunction with your in-house staff, coaching them in the best use of integrated social media and allowing you to bring control of your strategy in-house over an agreed period, support you with management and advice thereafter.

Our objective is to empower you with the understanding and toolset you need to manage your day-to-day strategy in-house.

We take care of all of this for you for a reasonable monthly fee.

Our services also include:

  • Registration on all the major social media sites.
  • Registration on all the major directory websites.
  • Review of your website content for maximum marketing benefit.
  • Monitoring and enhancing of Google PageRanks for your website pages.
  • Set up of your own business blog.
  • Regular postings on all the major social media sites promoting your business, products and services.
  • Regular updates to your business blog.
  • Monthly reviews of this marketing effectiveness.
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We look forward to being of service to you.

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