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The Good News Story Everyone Should Watch
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Date: Thu 20/Dec/2012, 13:37

This is a Good News Story which very few people have seen but is SO important for every adult and child in the UK and the world for the benefit of every resident and those yet to come. It is produced in a way a child can see the implications quite clearly but it has the word Horror in it and people don't like watching bad news which is why so few have watched it but it isn't bad news at all. There is a solution, and a very good one, to make the lives of every person much better but people must be made aware of the issues and take some action.

Please watch this video for your own good, the good of your community, and your country whatever country you live in. You can make a difference by lobbying your MPs to ensure the right thing is done for everyone in the community.

My quote which I came up with some years ago is clearly underlined in this video, which is:

"If you have more bean counter people in the shed counting the beans than people out in the field growing them then everyone in the community is going to be worse off."

This is not intended to be a political push in any way, it applies to whatever government is in power at any time. I post this video because I want to see things much improved for all the people in the UK and the world, particularly those who are old, young, infirm, and anyone who has any money saved for retirement or a rainy day or in fact would like to be in a position to save any money.

I consider this video the best documentary I have ever seen for the improvement of living standards and welfare of everyone. I have personally seen the effects of government applying these changes and the massive improvement as a result.

The video is 1hr and 11 minutes long but well worth the time it takes to watch it. Watch it right through to the end to get to the good news because things can start getting better within months - if you are prepared to do something about it.

Please feel free to forward this page onto everyone you can but be aware that if you forward only one of the links below, they may not watch it at all and if they do they may well not watch it through to the end to see the Good News. If you want to forward this page onto a friend then Click Here To Forward This Page Onto Someone You Know.

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Search the internet using the words "Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story" to find this video because it seems to get removed and reappears elsewhere - they do not want us to see it... Here are some links currently working:

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