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Saving the environment - by NOT printing invoices
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Date: Tue 03/Mar/2020, 12:09

In light of the fact that there is a big worldwide push to go green, we, like many other companies, no longer print invoices and many companies sending invoices now have the name of the PDF file appropriate to the invoice in question so this can be done easily and efficiently. Your invoice name of "invoice.pdf", or similar, is of not much use to us as is and we have to rename each invoice we receive from you for it to be able to be stored in the same folder of incoming invoices (otherwise later invoice files would overwrite previous invoice files).

In terms of supplier businesses and companies contributing to saving the environment and encouraging the saving of invoice files as opposed to printing them, we make the request that you have your system name the invoice files in the following format:


The details of which are:

AbcSupplierName - the Supplier name and therefore all kept together in the folder.

AbcClientName - the Client name, in this case EdgeImpact. This is very handy for people handling the accounts of multiple businesses, like admin people and accountants for example, because they know immediately which business it referrs to and avoids mistakes.

Invoice - the type of document, in some instances companies send Receipts or Cash Sale documents as well.

2020-03-03 - The date in International Date Format which results in the files being chronologically sorted within the Incoming_Invoices folder. Which means if there is a regular monthly invoice missing it is immediately obvious.

InvoiceNumber0123 - the Invoice number so that if there is an invoice number in question then it can be found easily.

£23.94 - the amount of the invoice so that a relevant invoice can be found easily.

The "_" between the different sections is used for division so it makes for easy reading.

Thank you for helping the environment and your customers by encouraging them not to print invoices.

Ken Good
Managing Director

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